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Fresh from a week on the Zumba Cruise! Like I said before, I hate cruises (still do) and I had never done Zumba before, but it sure made for a hilarious getaway birthday trip with my mom!

I was definitely frustrated the first two days, as it was impossible to escape the sounds of loud, thumping Zumba music at every corner of the ship. I’m all for dancing, but I’d packed books, my journal and pretty pens for all the brainstorming I was going to do. Of course I went to Zumba class right from day one, but by the time I eventually just gave up on the idea of R&R altogether, I was joining my mom for up to four Zumba classes a day the latter half of the week!

It turns out that Zumba is actually pretty cool! There were “celebrity” instructors from all over the world, and the music and choreography reflected their origins. I personally loved Gina and Dhario for their hip-hop style and songs I knew all the words to. The African team was our absolute favorite, starting with the opening to The Lion King and integrating drumming and warrior moves throughout the class. At any every given moment, here were classes on the main pool deck outside, the helipad at the front of the ship, one in every lounge or theater area, the actual gym studio, aqua Zumba in other pools, and even in the middle of the mall-like “Promenade” amidst the shopping and restaurants.

Zumba Cruise 2016 from staceyhedman on Vimeo.

The outfits – OH the OUTFITS!!!! I mean, I hadn’t really known much about Zumba, and had no idea how this Beto guy – who was on the cruise too – started the Zumba craze something like 15-18 years ago. But WOW. The neon, the mesh, the high-top sneakers, the large word “ZUMBA” written across everything! I felt way underdressed… ha ha!

The Independence of the Seas, by Royal Caribbean, made stops in Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica. Both were private townships build specifically for cruise guests, so a lot less authentic culture than I’d normally aim for in my travels. We enjoyed a two-hour catamaran ride in beautiful, mountainous Haiti, but back on the beach we could hear nothing but the ugly screaming sounds of the concert stage. Jamaica was just a joke, as we were there for only half a day and surrounded by cheap tourist shops where nothing was actually produced in Jamaica.

All in all, I still don’t understand the draw of cruises. It’s a floating mall, with exposure only to the kind of culture you’d find in a grounded mall. Don’t get me wrong – I would definitely check out an Alaskan, Mediterranean or even a Norwegian fjiordland cruise like my parents did recently. But the Caribbean is just way cooler to immerse in than a cruise ship (or gated resort) allows.

Regardless, it was a fantastic week adventure with my mom, pretending I was a back-up dancer for Beyoncé and enjoying some excellent people-watching!

Hope you enjoy the video, and maybe even got in some real-time laughs by following me on Snapchat!

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