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I was packing up for my month at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and decided to keep pulling the yoga books from my bookshelf.

While I haven’t practiced consistently over time, it’s been about 8 years since my first yoga class and maybe 3-4 years since I purchased several teacher training books. The fact that I’m leaving today – October 2015 – for one of the most incredible yoga institutes in the world is not lost on me!

Most of these books aren’t teacher related at all – just nice reads, both fiction and nonfiction, that tell the stories of yoga and meditation in one’s life. There are maybe four others on my Kindle.

You can browse the titles here, but the one book I thought I’d mention is How Yoga Works, by Michael Roach. If you or a loved one need a great novel-type story to help you understand the WHY of all this yoga we do, this book wraps it all up in a very digestible form! It’s about a young girl imprisoned in India and how she wins over the love and respect of those around her. Nothing foofy, just a story. Thanks to Liz for passing along this recommendation on a tiny plane in Nicaragua this February!

Tell me! What are your favorite books or resources on yoga? Please share in the comments below or on Facebook so all can enjoy!

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