Winter Lights 5K

I can’t believe I have never really participated in December races much in the past, because what a HYSTERICAL social atmosphere full of outfits and good cheer!

Last weekend we joined in for the Winter Lights 5K in downtown Plymouth, MA. Everyone gathered at the base of the tree until Santa – on a sleigh pulled by Clydesdale horses! – signaled the official tree lighting! After some ooo’s and ahhh’s, the runners were off!

It was me, Crystal and our friend Kyle… with a few other friends from our run club and trail runs in attendance. I absolutely love this photo :-)

There was Paula, rockin’ her Cape Cod Runner tech shirt!

Everyone was dressed in reds and greens, Santa hats and reindeer antlers… I don’t think Crystal or I really had the time to put into it, and I didn’t know what to expect anyway, but you can bet I’ll be much better prepared next season! Here are some antlers for you anyway…

And as with any good running event, there was beer. Shipyard Applehead Ale, to be exact – AHmazing!!!

Cheers to you this holiday season! I’d love to see your holiday race photos and outfits! Head on over to the Facebook page to share in our holiday album!

Merry merry!

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