Winter is my jam. I love winter running!

These last two days, however – the first snowy days here of our Cape Cod winter – I’ve honestly had a super tough time heading out the door. Thankfully I had my running buddy with me yesterday for 5 miles, but I felt very disconnected with what my body was doing. Today I watched the thermometer go from 30 to 36 degrees by 11am and just told myself to get after it. It wasn’t going to get any warmer as the day went on!

What it quickly reminded me was that it’s always warmer when your body’s moving! Within a mere half mile, the sun was soaking through from the outside, and my heart and lungs were pulsing through from the inside. Instant runner smile! And a great 4- mile loop of speedwork through my neighborhood cranberry bogs!

This is just the start for us New Englanders :-) Does it take some special tricks to get you out the door on these chilly days?

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