Will I ski again?

One of the biggest questions I’m getting this winter is “Will I be skiing??”

The facts:

  • I tore my ACL (and MCL, and meniscus) on December 24, 2013 and had surgery one month later on January 23, 2014.
  • I’ve been a skier my whole life, worked for both Stowe and Sugarbush through college, and my roommate and I worked our class schedule around skiing four days a week all winter long.
  • I’ve never loved skiing. I’ve mostly gone because my friends were going, and it was the cool thing to do. I’ve had a blast on warm days in boots that finally felt comfortable, but most days were painful, cold and stressful (think rushing from chair lift down black diamonds and back up chair lifts – never just chillin and enjoying the sights).

The answer is NO, I won’t be skiing this year.

winter running on cape cod

My ACL reconstruction was done with a cadaver tendon, which they say takes at least a year to become one with my body. My surgeon recommended a custom-fit brace if I wanted to ski, but our insurance deductible (thousands) reset at the exact same time.

Most importantly, my PASSION is running! My heart is clearly not in skiing. I would rather aaaaanything else than to face another knee injury. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I’m not planning to live as a scaredy-cat… maybe I’ll ski next year or in a couple more years. But in the meantime, there are many miles of marathons, ultra marathons, biking and hiking that I plan to embrace!

On that note, I picked up some nordic skis a couple of years ago. I have been crazy in love with it for it’s added cardio and scenic exploration! In fact, I’ve often opted to head out on the cross-country trails while my friends hit the slopes. So ultimately, not much is changing.

I’ll meet you at aprés!

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