Vermont City Marathon

I keep putting off a recap of the Vermont City Marathon – not because it wasn’t a beautiful, fantastic weekend – but because I essentially wanted to keep running right on past it and not look back. Five months of tiring training, long miles, freezing temperatures… it’s now all finally behind me (plus a couple months more now). I’ve run only once or twice a week since Vermont.

It was so fun to arrive in our college town of Burlington, Vermont (me more specifically in Colchester), ready to run among old, familiar sites. We stayed with great friends in Colchester and arrived just in time for some incredible homemade pizzas on Friday evening. Gary and I met up with my parents on expo morning – they were so sweet to come up in their RV for the weekend’s events! I jumped right to my favorite local-Vermont vendor Skida, checked out the hiking boots from my pals at Hoka, and sipped performance-worthy maple syrup from the folks at Untapped of Vermont. What I was supper impressed with was the awesome branded gear from the Vermont City Marathon itself! Fresh and modern!vermont-city-marathon-1

Saturday afternoon, I had shouted out on Instagram to meet up with friends at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill. Black bean burger, fries and bourbon – may not have been the smartest pre-race meal I’ve ever eaten. There weren’t a lot of carbs on the menu! Gah! It was so great to hang with Jill and her family, fiiiiiinally meet Jen who I run every single race with apparently, and of course to chill with our buds Dave & Leslie too.vermont-city-marathon-4

On race morning,  Jill and I found each other immediately. We waited in line for the porta-potties with just enough time for the announcer to suggest we all get into our corrals! We were off, and I still felt no stress at all about this race. I had no expectations of the next 26.2 miles.

It was a great 10 miles – the best! I knew just where to find my support crew and absolutely loved having them. Vermont City is like a four-leaf clover where the runners head out four times and come back through downtown Burlington. Spectators are golden, walking only a couple of blocks at most, and viewing from the outdoor seating of any number of bars and restaurants. But for the same reason, each stretch out of town was pretty lonely and quiet. I was clocking a 9:10 pace and hoping this *might* be me sliding into home for a sub-4 hour marathon.vermont-city-marathon-2

Only problem was that a marathon isn’t just 10 miles. When I realized that’s where I was, and that I had ONLY gone 10 miles, shit hit the fan. I was done with this whole running thing. I spiraled like a deflated balloon into half walking and often more than half walking. There’s not much more I can say about it. I was miserable, the sun was sweltering, and the frozen ice pops may have been the only thing keeping me on my feet. I continued to check all the necessary boxes and just get myself to the finish, but I think my final time was somewhere around 4:37 (about a half hour slower than anticipated).

Still….. YAY! I ran my third marathon!! I’m still really truly stoked about that! It feels good. And I will do more! (currently in the lottery for Big Sur, whaaaat?)vermont-city-marathon-3

Thank you shouts to the Falmouth Track Club and my incredible friends at Hoka One One! Thank you SO much to my friends and family who were out there on such a beautiful (for you guys anyway ;-)) day! And lastly, thanks to the Vermont City Marathon and everyone at for sharing your wonderful community with all of us!

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