Transition Week

With a big race cancelled, I’m trying new things, transitioning to better things, and yes… still hitting the treadmill!

Sad as it is, this coming Saturday’s Martha’s Vineyard 20-Miler has been cancelled. There’s a lot that goes into training for a distance of 20 miles, not to mention the logistics of an island race as well. I’m fortunate enough to live here on Cape Cod, and only planned a day trip, without a car, for the ferry. I’m primed for training for Boston and Vermont. They weren’t wasted winter miles, that’s for sure! So I’m a lucky one! But the race does market itself as extremely hard-core and not-for-“weenies”… so I had really been looking forward to the insanity of running in all the snow we’ve been getting! I spent last night re-working my training plan yet again… and sipping whiskey.

marthas vineyard 20-miler cancelled

Meanwhile, I found my way to the post office, since they weren’t finding their way to us for the last TWO WEEKS, and I excitedly opened up my new Hoka One One boxes! I had a great chat with our local rep last week and nailed down the best for me as I transition 100% to the brand for my 2015 running. I’ve been increasing my miles in the Hoka Cliftons for the last six months or so, and every time I ran longer I would notice how damn good my knee felt! (compared to my existing shoes) Hoka makes no official claims to alleviating joint stress, of course, but the company’s style is a maximalist cushion with yet a minimalist heel-to-forefoot drop geometry. It’s definitely working for me!

I will share more about these Hoka shoes specifically once I’ve gotten some miles on them, but if you’re interested in checking them out, you’ll probably have the best start in the Clifton model – sold at Marathon Sports stores here on Cape Cod. Definitely get in there and feel them on your feet!

hoka one one sneakers

The above snow storm photo is day 14 of never ending snow on our street. And it’s still snowing! It has been “interesting” trying to get the miles in by looping the safest, driest areas possible, but this week (photo evidence) is back to some indoor training. I tried a spin class for the first time ever with my run club friends last night!! SO FUN!! What I loved about joining spin class at Mashpee Fitness, which doubles as Cape Cod Rehab, is that the instructors knew me by name and knew the actions that might both physically and mentally affect my knee. I feel so safe in that gym environment.

We’re giving it a go for run club tonight on the snowy bike paths! It has been a few weeks since we’ve all hung out, and we’ve started considering “running movie nights” if the roads don’t clear soon, ha! Side note: I think I’ve lost weight without the run club after-partying for the last few weeks, oops!

running in barnstable village

Lastly, I joined another running group on Saturday morning this past weekend and had a blast!! Almost 20 runners met up in Barnstable Village for a few 5-mile loops together (I ran almost 2 loops), and it’s something they do every week, all year long. Keep in touch with the Cape Runners & More group on Facebook to find out when the group switches to hills on the Service Road some Saturdays as well. All are welcome!

I hope your miles are filled with smiles and warmth this week!

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  1. What a bummer that your race got cancelled! I’m glad you had some whiskey to soften the blow :) Also, thanks for posting that Facebook group. My family vacations in Dennis almost every year, and I’m always looking for fitness activities to balance out all of the margaritas!

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