Training in Georgia

I spent the first half of this week in Provincetown, and then off to Georgia for the second half! My parents are spending five months as grounds-keepers at a plantation on the “Golden Isles” coastline of southern Georgia. The plantation is called Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, and I found the grounds themselves absolutely stunning (I’m a sucker for Spanish moss), but truthfully, the house itself was pretty much the same 1850s kind of home I grew up in on Route 6A in West Barnstable. My parents are staying in their RV the whole time, and I was treated to an adorable, rustic cottage next door.

broadfield plantation in georgiaAnyway, it was my furry brother’s birthday followed by my mom’s birthday, so a great weekend to visit and explore with them! They were gracious enough to plan around some great running as well – thanks Mom & Dad!

On Thursday, some schmucks decided to plan a protest in the middle of the highway in Boston, so I ended up taking a later flight down than planned. This resulted in a 7 mile plan for Saint Simon’s Island on Friday and my 15-miler on Sunday on Jekyll Island. Saint Simons was actually a great little place with a fun downtown, but the run I chose was extreeeemely boring. It was basically a treadmill run along a flat cement path. Zzzzz…. ending at Fort Frederica and quickly off to an excellent lunch at The Half Shell! For a prettier photo, though, I’ll share from our morning hike in the woods!

hiking georgia

broadfield hiking georgiaThe woods were so different from the woods back home! I wish I had another day to explore these trails in my sneakers, but my hiking boots were definitely good enough this trip!

Jekyll Island, while extremely dull from a tourism aspect, was a fun running adventure for sure! Having never been there before (and after being so bored on the previous run) I had my parents drop me off right at the entrance to the island. With a map for the bike path in my pack, I ended up running the whole 15 miles around the island! Such a gorgeous way to see it! And I’m grateful for the exploration, because I quickly realized that Jekyll has nothing else to offer if you’re not running or at the beach (not a single slice of pizza after running 15 miles?). We left, and eventually settled into the biggest, loudest sports bar we could find to watch the Patriots win the championships!

palm trees on jekyll islandSeriously, I don’t mean to offend these gorgeous islands of Georgia’s coastline, and I should probably be touting their ability to remain quiet and pristine, but they’re not exactly pristine. They’re run down a bit, and there is SO much they could be doing for shopping and restaurants to attract more visitors and spending! But yeah – the views were beautiful – no doubt about that!

running on jekyll island

driftwood beach on jekyll islandOn the in-between – Saturday – we spent the day in one of my favorite towns of Savannah! A lovely day walking around, discovering the local noodle bar, and making a quick stop in to Fleet Feet Savannah to grab a shirt!

I’m so grateful for this trip as a means of adding some [warm] variety to my current Martha’s Vineyard 20-Miler and Vermont City Marathon training! Of course it was also great to see my folks and the home they’re enjoying this winter!

Hope your winter adventures are keeping you active!


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