Training for Vermont

November 1st! The first thing I did today (on this gorgeously wind-and-rainy morning) was register for the Vermont City Marathon!


Yep, that’s right! Less than a week after running my very first marathon, I knew without a doubt that Vermont was next!

As some background, I went to college in Vermont, stayed for a couple years more, and married a Vermonter. Half our family, half of our best friends and half our recreational hobbies are there, and through my photography career I aim to get back up there every single chance we get! It is truly my second home, and there’s no better second-marathon medal I could train for.


Who wants to join me? I hear it’s a fantastic race full of great spectators, beautiful views, minimal hills and an awesome medal :-)

I will consider myself training as of today. Everything I do, including my winter racing, will be in anticipation of this beautiful Vermont day in May!

Have you picked a big spring race?

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