Trails and Blizzards

Here we sit, awaiting the pending BLIZZARD!

Is it me, or does blizzard sound a little fluffy? Anyway, if they’re comparing it to a “blizzard” 30 years ago, then the definition of blizzard must be kind of a big deal. So yeah, I’ll get to all the other Internet/computer to-dos right after this ;-) I’m charging all the devices. And what I got at the grocery store was enough food for three crock pot meals – which requires power, oops! So I should start on that too.

Yep, we got a crock pot as a wedding gift exactly 10 years ago this week – against my wishes – and I’ve refused to use it until this month! Now I’m studying Pinterest for all the vegetarian crock pot recipes! Any to share?

Before the trails are covered, though, we had a great group meet up at Mashpee River Woodlands for a Sunday morning run! This is definitely one of my favorite trails on the Cape, mostly for the combination of wooded single-track alongside beautiful salt-water views!

   mashpee river woodlands trail runningtrail running on cape cod

These gals joined me for one 4-mile loop, and then some along the next 4 mile loop… and then I decided to do another 4 mile loop on my own! I had 12 on the schedule for the day and hadn’t planned to do it all on trails, but it was wonderful!

mashpee river woodlands trails

When we started the run at 9am, the ground was still pretty icy from the night before. I finally screwed in some spikes on my trail shoes for the season. But by the third loop, it felt like spring! The sun was shining, the ground was melting, and my hat and gloves were coming off!

trail running in winter

It’s pretty interesting to me that I hurt myself so badly while running on trails last year, and now it’s the only thing I can think about (the trails part, not the injury). As you may recall, my fall race plans are still up in the air. I wanted to run Vermont in May first and see how the new ACL is doing. But the nature of my job includes booking weekends of wedding photography NOW, so of course I’m thinking a lot about the weekends I want to be free for racing! The September Jay Peak Trail Running Festival is staring me in the face right now. It’s a very tough course. I probably shouldn’t attempt the 50k, but I might save the weekend for the 25k (and still run Richmond in November). We’ll see – no commitments yet!

Have you run Jay Peak before? I’d love your thoughts on it! We’ve skied there a handful of times and love the area!

Happy blizzarding to our New England friends!


2 Comments on “Trails and Blizzards

  1. Oh my gosh I love my crock pot! I have a board on Pinterest for crock pot recipes if you want to check it out: I don’t know if I have any vegetarian recipes though. It’s just so easy to prep the pot and come back later! I hope the blizzard doesn’t end up being too crazy for yall!

  2. Blizzard, shmizzard. 90% of the time they blow it way out of proportion and get people all worked up over nothing. Anyway, your trail run looks lovely! Glad you’re still able to get out on the trails after last year’s injury.

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