It’s all fun and games until…

…Someone gets hurt!

Yep, you probably saw by now, but I’m laid up with a bum knee since Christmas Eve. I returned from the Canadian Rockies at midnight the night before, and was excited for our group trail run on Christmas Eve morning! A great group gathered together and set out for a few miles around Hathaways Pond!


Having spent the last week in 20-degree weather in the mountains, I wasn’t really knowledgeable about the conditions on the trails here at home. I usually always step OVER a fallen log across the paths, and I watched my friend in front of me do just that, but I foolishly jumped ON one big log about 2 miles into the run.

I slipped, twisted, planted my foot, and landed the kind of football-player multi-replay landing that makes you almost vomit. Or is that just me? Man, knees are a freaky thing…


Apparently they don’t do MRIs in the emergency room on Christmas Eve, and insurance companies and primary care physicians are impossible to track down this time of year. But tonight I have a 9pm MRI and will get the results from that, um, someday…. next week. The question is surgery or not surgery. And surgery puts me out of commission for about 3 months.

But I’m grateful! I could have hit my head on that same thick log. I could have been alone, rather than surrounded by extremely helpful and caring friends. I could have been in the middle of wedding season (my livelihood!), instead of just three days after my last wedding of the year. There are worse things than blowing out a knee in the comfort of a first-world country.


thanks to Crystal (above), Adrian, Steve, Amanda, Kevin and Brienne for being with me on the trails!

Sure, it’s not all smiles like you see on Instagram – I’ve cried my eyes out being sad too – but ultimately, I’m trying to enjoy sitting on the couch for the first time in years! (I’m not a good sitter) I’ve barely ever played with Pinterest before and I’m long overdue to get back to my knitting! Thankfully I mostly just have wedding albums to design for clients, and nothing crucial to shoot.

Anyone else out there on crutches or injury break right now? I sure could use some compatriots in this lazy adventure!

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