Today was my first official FUN RUN with Crystal!

Following last Sunday’s marathon, I first got on the bike trainer Tuesday to loosen up and send some fresh blood down to my feet. Yep, I still wasn’t walking forward very well, but ya know… On Saturday, Gary and I were in Portland, Maine for a wedding and headed out for 3.5 gentle-but-hilly miles. Monday bike trainer, Tuesday bike trainer, Tuesday night officially back to my weekly Marathon Sports run club (3 miles)!

I relied on the bike a bit more because of some strained tendons in my right foot, but after run club I was feeling officially back in the game!

So this morning was not just our first run back together after our individual marathons, it was also the first time Crystal and I have EVER run for fun together! We met at the very beginning of marathon training and followed our plans accordingly. We were lucky to run many Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays together. But until today, we’d never gone out with no goals or destinations! And it rocked!

I feel like a RUNNER again! I don’t know why, but I weirdly felt like I would be starting from scratch, back to 3 mile runs around the cranberry bogs. But no way do I want to let go of the distances I’ve earned! It felt great to wake up and pull on my running clothes. It felt good to stretch and hydrate and eat my oatmeal before another run in the fall sunshine!

There are two 5Ks and a half marathon in my future the next 5 weeks! Time for a new pair of sneaks!

(Above photo taken with Nike+ because I’m joining the challenge to show who runs their city more this November – New York or Boston! Use the Nike+ watch or phone app and tweet with the hashtag #nikeplusBOStrong to help tally for the home team!)

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