The Great Thaw of 2015

This thaw is happening and it’s happening FAST!

Before the thawing ramped up, Old Man Winter was sure to give us one more foot of snow on top last week. Then the temperatures climbed to 35 and 40, and the melting was on! I think most of us had been wondering if MAY road races were going to be cancelled at this point, but thankfully it’s looking like everything will be at least brown and dandy!

cape cod thaw

I must admit that I’m going through my own, horribly-timed thaw of sorts. We spent a week on the gorgeous, raw, and peaceful island of Little Corn Island in the Nicaraguan Caribbean this February for our 10-year wedding anniversary. The island is one square mile in size, but we did manage to squeeze in a couple of great trail-and-beach runs! I suffered a bit of heat-stroke one day after just 6.5 miles, and the recovery from that left me knocked out. Combine that with the meditating sound of ocean waves and 30-second walk to a yoga studio, and I could feel myself melting away too.

Little Corn Island is the kind of place that makes you contemplate life and how you’re living it. What really matters? What will you look back on with a true smile and full heart?

yoga in nicaragua

So yeah, I’m zenned out and zoned out. I have two marathons to run in the next two months, and all I want to do is practice yoga, read about it, research retreats, continue to spark a meditation habit… all things unrelated to 20 mile training runs of cardiovascular endurance.

Okay, slightly related. I’m cross training, right?

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