The End of the Earth

This week I found myself running in the snow in Provincetown! The very tip of our gorgeous Cape Cod!

See, we photographers are great friends. People don’t always expect that, but at least in the greater Boston or even New England area, we absolutely are! We can each only photograph one wedding per weekend, so we count on each other for referrals. But even more so, we’re the only “colleagues” we’ve got! We hang around the water cooler too! And a few nights’ getaway to the Berkshires or Provincetown is a wonderful part of that. This week was particularly focused on “stitch & bitch” ing in the off-season!

group run in provincetown But we also RUN!! Four of us bundled up the first morning to run two miles out to the breakwater and two miles back. We gave ourselves a little high-five because we were all away from our respective run clubs this Tuesday. So glad we got out there together!

The view at the end of Cape Cod!Provincetown Race PointProvincetown is such an adorable and eclectic town, and always cool to visit in the winter months too. Much of it is closed up this time of year, but the cafes and local people you do find are fantastic. The beaches seemingly untouched. colors in provincetownWe made huge meals together and sat by a roaring fire! We knit and crocheted till the wee hours. We also ventured out into the dunes for a couple hours – a little cross-training, eh?parabolic dunes provincetownI love these ladies. I’m so happy we have these weekday “team meetings”!

Hope you’re enjoying equal parts cozy and outdoor time this January!

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