This guy.

My husband Gary has been along for so many of my runs over the last 10 years. Sometimes I urge him to head out, sometimes he urges me. Sometimes we’ll just do anything to tire the dogs out so we can catch a break at home!

Gary even proceeded to run the Cape Cod Marathon in 2008 when my job whisked me off to London for a dream opportunity (and yeah, that means I wasn’t even there to cheer him on, lame)!

Since then, we’ve run the marathon relay together with friends almost every year.

But this Sunday, five years later, he’ll be there on the sidelines with my folks, providing any high-fives, snacks or outfit changes I could need across 26.2 miles! Most importantly, a big sweaty hug (and cash for a margarita) at the finish!

Thank you for your incredible support over the last three months, G! Love you!

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