Thankful Runner

I’m so thankful for a lot of things in my 38th year of life (one being that everyone thinks I’m 28!). And I’m extremely thankful I get to share this world with YOU guys! Thanks for being here to share in the story and join in the encouragement of one another!!

On this 2014 Thanksgiving, we are waking up at my in-law’s home in Dorset, Vermont. The Stratton Mountain Gobble Gobble Wobble has been cancelled, and there is over a foot of snow outside our windows. My race outfit is laid out, and I’m thankful I’m the kinda crazy runner freak that’s still devising a safe way to get out there this morning ;-)

I’m thankful that I’m 10 months post surgery for tearing my ACL, MCL and meniscus on a trail run, and that I could barely remember which knee it was on our Tuesday morning hike!!

And I’m thankful for the mish-mash of food we’re about to eat for Thanksgiving dinner today, because we were supposed to make it to more family (and ALL THE PIE!) in Connecticut today! We are so lucky to have a warm home, a food hoarder for a mother-in-law, and the laughter of family around us (but I’m still making apple pie as soon as we get home).

Lastly, I’m so thankful for the dog laying in bed next to me – which is so not allowed at home! – and that our family continues to grow in ADOPTED dogs each year. We gained two new pals this year, Luna and Duncan, and I’m so proud and honored to call both the rescuers and the rescuees my family!

I could go on forever, but it’s time to be thankful for coffee! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day wherever you are!

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