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I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies – never have. If you ask me if I’ve seen a certain movie, you typically need to give me a 5-minute synopsis of the plot before I might remember if I have. But there are two times when you’ll find me (and hubs) glued to the television…

The Tour de France and the Olympics!


The Tour takes place over three weeks each July. Doping issues aside, the team and endurance strategies over such a long and varied course is thrilling. But even if that’s not your bag, you’re looking at over 2,000 miles of HD footage in the French Alps! Amazing.

The Olympics takes place every two years, of course, and the winter games are on now! Perfect timing with my couch-bound injury, I’d say :-) I’m partial to the winter Olympics, mostly for the skiing (downhill and nordic), snowboarding and sled sports. This year I can’t help but tally all the ACL surgeries among the athletes!


Me doing leg squats during the ski jumping competitions!

Both of these events are highlighted in prime time television hours, but the ENTIRE events are on TV all day long. Again – a perfect time to be laid up and snowed in!

As athletes yourselves, are you glued to these Olympic games? What other shows or games are you drawn to because of your love for endurance, personal challenge and competition? Do Share!

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