Taper Week in full effect!

After resting Sunday and most of the day Monday, I admittedly hopped on the bike trainer Monday evening. Taper fail. Then I spontaneously left for hot fusion yoga when I woke up on Tuesday morning too, but damn that felt good.

Tuesday 3 Miles:

Ran with run club at Marathon Sports in Mashpee! This was the first time I got to run run club and ONLY run club! No need to meet early and hustle up some miles with Crystal first (though I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon). Also, sure, I had a cocktail. (a) Smirnoff makes a “cinnamon-sugar” vodka? and (b) no one can point to “they” who says you can’t drink before a big race. Have ‘em call me if you find them.

I left run group feeling a little nauseous. It’s feeling VERY REAL now! Manager Dave from the store has very generously offered to run the last 4 miles of the marathon with me this Sunday, and I just need to decide if that’s what I’ll be looking for mentally…

Wednesday 4 Miles:

This morning alone around my old standby cranberry bogs, photo above. I used this opportunity to try out my new arm warmers won at Bayside Runner‘s ladies’ night a couple of weeks ago. So cozy! I also had Injinji socks on for the first time – the kind that go around each and every toe to help with blisters and toe-smoosh (technical term). No problems at all, but I’m not sure I’m ready to count on them for 26.2 miles.

Physically, all parts are in tact and functioning properly! No real pains remaining, as long as I keep an even effort!

Today is technically the start of four days of carbohydrates. I’ve had a sweet potato so far – suuuuper awesome choice, right? But rest assured I plan to abuse my privileges quite a bit too. Pasta on deck for tonight!

Thursday 2 Miles:

What’s that, to my mailbox and back? This just sounds crazy, and also awesome. Not to discount distances like 2 and 3 miles, but I haven’t been allowed to run like that in three months. So incredible how your mindset can change so quickly!

Expo Saturday:

The race expo is all day Saturday, and you bet your booty that I’m going to spend all my dollars on the 26.2 clothing, ha! I also have a wedding to photograph this Saturday, which is interesting in itself. I’ve often referred to weddings as equivalent to a marathon, because my body is pushed and pulled for 10 hours, and I’m purposefully hydrating only enough to keep moving. I’m so fortunate to have an incredible friend shooting alongside me this week, so I’m not sprinting to either side of the church, etc. But I also know many others are running the Cape Cod Marathon‘s “Clam Chowdah Challenge” – which includes a half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. So I will not be afraid!

How’s your week going? Are you gearing up for a race this weekend? The Cape Cod Half, Full, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC, or some of the fun Halloween 5Ks around town? Or maybe you’re tapering for New York!

Any last tips for my very first marathon?

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