Weekend in Vermont

I thought it worth mentioning that we spent last weekend in Vermont! It technically doesn’t have anything to do with running, but Vermont is a very special place to us and we try to head up there as… Read More

ACL Week Two

And thus concludes Week Two after ACL surgery! It was kind of a downer week mentally. I made it to my post-op appointment to get my stitches out, and I learned that I’d be bound to a locked… Read More

Yep, official verdict is in after last night’s MRI: Complete tear of my ACL That’s the “worst case” scenario, and it was exactly what I was expecting to hear. Surgery will likely happen in the next week or… Read More

Running the Vermont Snow

I woke up this morning – the morning after Thanksgiving – and got myself out the door for a 7 mile run at 7am in 10-degree temperatures. THAT, I am damn proud of! But how could I pass… Read More

Gobble Gobble Wobble

I hope you got out there for your local turkey trot this Thanksgiving! We are here in southern Vermont with my husband’s family – pretty much our favorite spot to be on Thanksgiving when the surroundings include snow,… Read More

A little hello from a beach walk with the pups this afternoon!

Running the Vermont hills! Our ultimate would be to spend at least half our time in Vermont, but this year has been tough with so many Massachusetts and destination weddings in the books (which is also awesome). We’re… Read More