The Pub Run

Pretty much in the top five of “Perks for Runners” is the pub run! We’ve never had a ton of weekly, organized runs on Cape Cod the way we did when I lived in Boston, but in the… Read More

Road ID

Do you have your Road ID? I chose the “Elite” bracelet option, and it lists my name, town, birthday, emergency contact and blood type. It’s so cool I kinda want to wear it for fashion when I’m not… Read More

Two Years Ago

I was Tweeting back and forth with a friend the other day, who inspired me to go back and check out my Daily Mile profile. Two years ago – the last time I logged in – my goal was… Read More

Running in Bermuda

My favorite way to explore any new place is with a good run! This past July, I photographed a wedding in Bermuda and brought my husband Gary along with me for a few days of gorgeous, beachy bliss…. Read More

Icing the Knee

Working through some knee issues this past July – the quintessential “runner’s knee” that affects many of us! After chatting with a couple of PT friends, I’ve been strengthening my inner quads in the meantime and feeling much… Read More

Fairfield 2013

Finished my 3rd (?) Fairfield Half Marathon with Gary, my brother-in-law Eric, and friend Peter this June 2013! Fairfield 2011 was the year I discovered how utterly disgusting warm vanilla Gu is. And that racing between two 6-foot… Read More

My Running Start

How did I start running? I played field hockey and lacrosse through high school. Actually, I started field hockey the year before middle school. As we were coming into 9th grade – high school, eek! – I suppose… Read More