Running the Vermont hills! Our ultimate would be to spend at least half our time in Vermont, but this year has been tough with so many Massachusetts and destination weddings in the books (which is also awesome). We’re… Read More

Obsessive Hobbying

I am a master hobbiest. I fall in love with something, I spend all my waking hours either doing it or thinking about it, I spend my last dollar on all the gadgets and gear, and yes…. I… Read More

This weekend I ran the Mighty Meehan 5K with my friend Beth! The race was such a great one, filled with so much love and support from the community! Now in it’s 6th year, Mighty Meehan raises funds… Read More

16 Excellent Miles

A 16 mile long run this morning! It was a run I’ve been dreading since completing 15 miles last weekend. Not that those were a terrible 15 miles, but it was the longest I’d ever run, and to… Read More

Running to Audiobooks

With a 15-miler behind me and a 16-miler in front of me, I decided I wanted to try running while listening to a “book-on-tape”. ‘Cept I needed a “book on iPhone”… and I needed a word for that!… Read More

Cape Cod Runner on Facebook!

Cape Cod Runner on Facebook! I wanted to mark my own little corner of Facebook too, for shorter little bursts about running, training, local races, gear, and for sharing other great tips and links! I also look forward… Read More

Fitted for Sneakers

Mizuno wins! In the running world, there seems to be a ton of sneaker identity talk. “I’m a this runner”…. or “I’m a that runner!” I’ll go ahead and date myself, but I was an Adidas runner! When… Read More

The Stick

“The Stick” is kinda dreamy. I use it every day on my runner legs, and pretty much can’t put it down once I start. Feels s-s-s-s-ooooooo good. Think I’m a weirdo? Here’s what their website says: The Stick… Read More

Falmouth Road Race 2013

Another Falmouth Road Race complete! Psyched to have pals Amanda and Courtney alongside for a beer at the finish! I think I’ve run this race a dozen times. I wish I had kept track! But I do still… Read More

My Running Start

How did I start running? I played field hockey and lacrosse through high school. Actually, I started field hockey the year before middle school. As we were coming into 9th grade – high school, eek! – I suppose… Read More