Launching the Newsletter!

Exciting news today! We’re launching the Cape Cod Runner newsletter! Are you ready to subscribe?! With so much out there on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I tend to think you’re getting enough news already…. But at the same… Read More

If Everybody Ran

What if everybody ran? I won a pair of my beloved Mizuno Wave Rider sneakers the other day during a Twitter chat, hosted by Mizuno and FitFluential! Mizuno posed the question: “What If Everybody Ran?” Click that link… Read More

Gobble Gobble Wobble

I hope you got out there for your local turkey trot this Thanksgiving! We are here in southern Vermont with my husband’s family – pretty much our favorite spot to be on Thanksgiving when the surroundings include snow,… Read More

Today was my first official FUN RUN with Crystal! Following last Sunday’s marathon, I first got on the bike trainer Tuesday to loosen up and send some fresh blood down to my feet. Yep, I still wasn’t walking… Read More

My First Marathon

I call it my first, because there will certainly be more! This Sunday I ran the Cape Cod Marathon – I’m a marathoner! It was too much fun not to Instagram live from my run :-) Overall –… Read More

Fun day expo-ing! Very cool that they were screen-printing shirts and sweatshirts right there, so you could make some unique choices for your own shirt! Not as much there for me to deplete my bank account on as… Read More

Taper Week in full effect! After resting Sunday and most of the day Monday, I admittedly hopped on the bike trainer Monday evening. Taper fail. Then I spontaneously left for hot fusion yoga when I woke up on… Read More

Healing and Taper After 10.5 miles of Falmouth hills, and my 20-mile long run in the same few days, I found myself needing some extra healing over the past week. I took Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday… Read More

Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon

I generally don’t love reading “race recaps”, so let me start by saying it’s okay if you don’t read mine! But this one sounds a bit like a Grinch-Stole-Zooma children’s book because it ends with me having balloon… Read More

The art of self portraits while running! Also known as #sweatyselfies! (click arrows above to see more recent photos!) Carpe Diem Crystal and I have been lucky to be on a similar training schedule these days, with marathon’s… Read More