Independence Day 5K

Hooray! My first road race back after tearing my ACL in December! Gary and I, along with a couple of friends, got up early this July 4th to run the Independence Day 5K in Plymouth, MA. I have… Read More

First Race Back!

I think I’ve decided on my FIRST RACE back in the game! The¬†Independence Day 5k in Plymouth this July 4th! Eeeeeeee!!!! Now THAT feels good :-) Starting small, and starting smart. Who wants to come run with me??

Winter Lights 5K

I can’t believe I have never really participated in December races much in the past, because what a HYSTERICAL social atmosphere full of outfits and good cheer! Last weekend we joined in for the Winter Lights 5K in… Read More

We had a blast volunteering for the first time in a road race last Sunday! Gary and I directed runners across a crazy intersection around Mile 18.5 in the Myles Standish Marathon in Plymouth, MA. It was super… Read More