Making some signs for this weekend’s races! I have so many friends running this weekend, and I’m grateful to be here to cheer on those running the Hyannis Marathon and Half! (around mile 7/20 at Craigville Beach) Amanda,… Read More

We had a blast volunteering for the first time in a road race last Sunday! Gary and I directed runners across a crazy intersection around Mile 18.5 in the Myles Standish Marathon in Plymouth, MA. It was super… Read More

New Sneaks

The perspective of this photo cracks me up, and I almost feel bad for those Mizuno Wave Rider 16s that served me so well through my first marathon! I should have lifted them up on the pedestal (shoebox)… Read More

Erica Sara Designs

Having a training partner for a marathon is INCREDIBLE. For my first-ever marathon? Game-changing. I wanted to do a little something for Crystal after she and I completed our marathons (her second, my first) just one week apart… Read More

Cape Cod Marathon 2013

So I thought I’d provide a little review of the Cape Cod Marathon itself, particularly since it was my least favorite part of my first ever marathon experience. Of course I’ve never run another marathon, so maybe it’s… Read More

Training for Vermont

November 1st! The first thing I did today (on this gorgeously wind-and-rainy morning) was register for the Vermont City Marathon! Yep, that’s right! Less than a week after running my very first marathon, I knew without a doubt… Read More

A lot of people have been shaking their heads at me this week… like there’s absolutely no way in hell they would run a marathon. Not even a marathon, I’ve gotten a lot of the same reaction about… Read More

A little hello from a beach walk with the pups this afternoon!

My First Marathon

I call it my first, because there will certainly be more! This Sunday I ran the Cape Cod Marathon – I’m a marathoner! It was too much fun not to Instagram live from my run :-) Overall –… Read More

Fun day expo-ing! Very cool that they were screen-printing shirts and sweatshirts right there, so you could make some unique choices for your own shirt! Not as much there for me to deplete my bank account on as… Read More