Fairfield Half Marathon 2014

This past weekend was the Fairfield Half Marathon in Fairfield, CT! I wasn’t able to run this year, but Gary did! We’ve done this race about 4-5 times since 2007. Funny thing is, only THIS year, after the… Read More

Cheering on friends at the Hyannis Marathon and Half! Congrats too all those finishers here on Cape Cod, and up at the race I was originally slotted for, the Half at the Hamptons in NH! My knee is… Read More

Running Free! Sunday was a freebie for me this past weekend! I had a shoot and a meeting scheduled in Boston that were both postponed, so around 10am I found myself with a whole day ahead and nothing… Read More

The Girly Side of Zooma

Zooma is a “women’s race series” across the country. Somehow, it ended up being a little girly of a day for me in other ways too! At the expo the night before, I FINALLY found headbands that are… Read More

Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon

I generally don’t love reading “race recaps”, so let me start by saying it’s okay if you don’t read mine! But this one sounds a bit like a Grinch-Stole-Zooma children’s book because it ends with me having balloon… Read More

Fairfield 2013

Finished my 3rd (?) Fairfield Half Marathon with Gary, my brother-in-law Eric, and friend Peter this June 2013! Fairfield 2011 was the year I discovered how utterly disgusting warm vanilla Gu is. And that racing between two 6-foot… Read More