Running Free! Sunday was a freebie for me this past weekend! I had a shoot and a meeting scheduled in Boston that were both postponed, so around 10am I found myself with a whole day ahead and nothing… Read More

The Girly Side of Zooma

Zooma is a “women’s race series” across the country. Somehow, it ended up being a little girly of a day for me in other ways too! At the expo the night before, I FINALLY found headbands that are… Read More

Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon

I generally don’t love reading “race recaps”, so let me start by saying it’s okay if you don’t read mine! But this one sounds a bit like a Grinch-Stole-Zooma children’s book because it ends with me having balloon… Read More

Fairfield 2013

Finished my 3rd (?) Fairfield Half Marathon with Gary, my brother-in-law Eric, and friend Peter this June 2013! Fairfield 2011 was the year I discovered how utterly disgusting warm vanilla Gu is. And that racing between two 6-foot… Read More