Nine Weeks After Surgery

Nine weeks post-op! This week has brought some great happenings in the world of ACLs! (1) I came back from Banff stronger than I left, which means I vacationed properly! I’m moving like a normal human being! Walking around,… Read More

Elevation Place

Greetings from Canmore, Alberta! I’m here outside of Banff National Park for the week to help my photographer friend Julie capture two mountain weddings! And yep, if you’ve been following along, I was just here in December to… Read More

Hello, I’m a Runner

There’s a weird feeling walking into a public place without my knee brace this week. I’m having an odd sense of identity confusion. Something in me is wishing for that name tag that says “HELLO… I have a… Read More

Moving Forward!

This week is my sixth week after ACL surgery, and I checked in for my second follow-up with the surgeon this morning! Amazing news: NO MORE BRACE!! Okay seriously, I had NO idea that this was going to… Read More

Does it hurt? Status: 5 weeks after ACL surgery.

Television Games

I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies – never have. If you ask me if I’ve seen a certain movie, you typically need to give me a 5-minute synopsis of the plot before I might remember… Read More

Get-Well Wishes! You guys have been truly amaaaazing over these last seven weeks of couch recovery! Every day a new card arrives in the mail, and so many are a true surprise from someone I’m completely honored is… Read More

ACL Week Two

And thus concludes Week Two after ACL surgery! It was kind of a downer week mentally. I made it to my post-op appointment to get my stitches out, and I learned that I’d be bound to a locked… Read More

ACL Week One

So it’s been one week since knee surgery! To learn more about the specifics of my ACL reconstruction, click here. One week ago, I arrived home on crutches. No huge pain on Day 1, but it was a… Read More

Bandages off! I was so psyched to get an 8am text of surprise visitors coming down to visit yesterday! So exciting! And when another couple of friends joined late afternoon as well – with the most amazing pasta… Read More