I’m meeting with two surgeons today! One from Cape Cod Orthopaedics and another from New England Baptist in Boston.

I’m really looking forward to moving on in the next stage of this process, and to officially counting down to the day I can run again!

See, right now I’m doing better and better, starting to walk again with minimal reliance on my crutches, etc. And all that is very good in gaining strength before surgery! But surgery is going to land me right back on the couch, immobile and in pain, and working to regain the confidence to walk all over again.

I’m so grateful for my physical therapist and fellow Tumblr blogger, Eric Wheeler, at Cape Cod Rehab. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot about him :-)

In the meantime, I hope you’re out there enjoying some miles in my absence! We’ve had quite a bit of snow, freezing temps, and now soggy wetness, so perhaps some couch time isn’t all that bad…

**UPDATE: I’ve decided to work with Dr. Suzanne Miller of New England Baptist Hospital in Boston!**

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