The Start of a New Year

I’m a HUGE fan of New Years! I simply cannot get on board with those who suggest New Years is “just like any other day”. Incidentally, I also love Mondays and mornings… fresh new starts happen all the time!

“A dream becomes a goal when you start taking action toward it.” Being Boss (podcast)

This book – the 52 Lists Project – is one of my favorite gifts under the tree this Christmas! It’s a beautiful book full of inspired lists and journal prompts for the year. Highly recommend!
new years resolutions

Do you sit down and write out your resolutions and intentions for a new year? If I could, I’d dedicate four weeks of holiday couch time to this! But alas… we were of course rushing around shopping, wrapping, cooking, delivering photos to my clients in time to share with family over the holidays!

I’m so very lucky to have the winter months slow down, and I really CAN set some time aside to evaluate, savor and plan. Hopefully you can too, maybe having a blank journal (or the 52 Lists book) nearby on the couch instead of zoning out to the television each night. Go ahead, MAKE MOVES! Whether it’s just toward a happier daily schedule, starting a new business, getting ahead of Christmas shopping/creating for NEXT year, inspiring date nights with your love, anything! Writer Elizabeth Gilbert shares her idea for a “Happiness Jar” as well, logging one happy thing that happened today, every day. Whatever floats your boat, how can you actively participate in your life? Let’s not let another year breeze by…

Happy 2016!!

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  1. Stacey! I love the idea of one happy thing a day! Miss you friend and hope all is well with you!

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