Spectating Boston

Marathon Monday 2014 was an increeeeedible day!

I found my way to Mile 20 – literally the Mile 20 marker! – with my pals Kyle and Amanda! I used to live in Newton, and we easily parked in Newton Centre and walked down to Commonwealth Ave., right at the base of the infamous Heartbreak Hill.

Not long after we set up our chairs, we found ourselves standing with huge cheer and enthusiasm for the next five hours! Here are the women coming past us!

Shalane was running outside of the pack and super close to us on the sidelines. Kyle grabbed this photo!

Meb came through with at least a 45-60 minute lead on the rest of the men – at Mile 20! So exciting!!

And it was wonderful to see Team Hoyt come through in their last Boston Marathon together – 32 in total (and more beyond Boston)! Dick and Rick Hoyt have been an incredible story of inspiration, and will surely continue to be for many generations!

It’s always awesome to spectate or volunteer for a race, but the mecca that is Boston is something else entirely! It’s dizzying to watch 40,000 runners pass by and try to find your friends, even six miles out where we were. Almost impossible if you’re actually on Boylston Street. But the sheer volume of screaming and clapping is incredible! We are SUCH a running city!

Congratulations Boston!!

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