Social Media on the Go!

So I have a handful of friends – both real life and Internet friends – running marathons AT THIS VERY MINUTE!!!

Some have connected with another friend or family member on the sidelines, so I’m able to see updates or photos along the way. While I know Runkeeper and MapMyRun allow live tracking updates too, I’ve never seen that actually in action (and that’s over 4 hours of phone battery). And lastly, some of the bigger races make it very easy for you to track your runner using their bib number and even using Twitter/Facebook status updates!

Alas, my local Cape Cod Marathon doesn’t have any official options to chose from, but I’m a crazy lover of social media. It’s been a huge aspect of both my professional and personal life – for the better! – over the last 10 years.


I’m thinking of Instagramming my very self along the route! Not running with a phone in my hand and thinking of it constantly (like I said yesterday, I want to be truly present in this marathon), but perhaps sending along one photo every hour or so. The scenery, the crowd, even a selfie if I’m not looking like death ;-)

Have you done something similar? Or followed someone who did? I’m actually surprised I don’t know anyone doing it today – it seems so easy. But maybe I’m fooling myself, ha!

See what happens!? Follow @staceyhedman on Instagram this marathon week!

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