Snow and Sunshine

We were supposed to head to Vermont this past weekend, but Gary had a pretty bad head cold starting toward the end of the week and we cancelled our travel plans. So what were we up to here on Cape Cod?

salt water river in cotuit

10 years of marriage! Thursday was our 10-year anniversary!! Gary was too sick to do anything, and I was trying to pretend we were in Vermont still, so we had a frozen Revolution pizza from American Flatbread. But on Saturday we finally went to a local jewelry designer, because I’ve been excited to add an 18k gold band to my existing [platinum] wedding ring set! I love love love what we found – a custom design from Amy Hudon in Osterville, MA! We got in a nice walk at the beach with the dogs and went out for dinner that night, but our true anniversary celebration will be a February trip to Little Corn Island in Nicaragua! (LOOK, we’re so ahead of the times!)

cape cod dog in the snow

The gym: Feeling some freedom on Friday after finally being plowed out, I drove myself to the gym for some elliptical and a couple of YouTube strength workouts. I didn’t originally have that plan, but used some of my time on the elliptical to search for a good arm workout online. I found XHIT Daily, and did one of their arm workouts twice, and a killer ab workout. OWIE! So great… Do you recommend any other YouTubers for me to check out?


My 18-miler. This was gonna be tricky whether we stayed at home or went to Vermont, and it was. I decided to run a four-mile loop of the village of Osterville 4.5 times. The roads were dry and the traffic in that area (two miles from us) is low this time of year. My absolute greatest fear was that I wouldn’t run the final loop! But somewhere along the start of my third loop I realized, hey, I have 100% control over that fear, because it is entirely up to me to run that last loop! I knew right then that I would get it done!

Looping that many times was not at all fun, but there were benefits. I didn’t have to carry any food or water with me because I kept circling back to my car! I had a change of sneakers if the roads were slippery. I even sat down and closed the door a couple of times so I could drink/eat in a bit more warmth!

18 mile long run for marathon training

It was nice to think of these 18 miles as my “last long run” before the Martha’s Vineyard 20-Miler, but the truth is, I’ve got a LOT of long runs ahead of me these next few months! I went and snuck in another April marathon, in addition to my May marathon, and in between there is the Cape Trail Races half-marathon and Ragnar Cape Cod. It’s too much racing, I know, and I want to be very careful about the amount of miles and training I’m incorporating. April will now be my priority, and Vermont will just be a really fun time! I finished January with a total of 142 miles!

frozen ocean in osterville

The SUPERBOWL! Yep, huge Patriots lovers in this household! I’m always happier with a close, teeth-clenching game, though, so this was an excellent Superbowl! – as long as we won! I don’t even remember any great commercials. But I do love the Dove “Like a Girl” buzz that’s going on out there on social media today! And I could care less about Katy Perry, but HOLLER Missy Elliot!

Hope you had a great weekend wherever you are! We’re building up a huge amount of rain, slush and a topping of snow again today, so it’s time to hunker back down for a week of work. Ta ta!

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  1. For strength training/YouTube fitness, I’d recommend Fitness Blender! I found it easiest to go to their website and use the search functionality there to find the right workout for what I wanted to accomplish. Really, really great workouts – if I wasn’t running so much, I would probably be doing more of these over the winter.

    Sounds like an exciting spring race season!

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