Shopping from the Couch

Some excellent packages have been arriving in the mail the last few days, and it’s no coincidence that last week felt like my toughest mentally in recovery. Oopsie!

Yep, I snatched up some Oiselle gear this week, and a gorgeous Apera Bags gym bag! I LOVE all of it, and am happy to know I can put my choices to good use immediately as I officially join the gym where I go for physical therapy!


Cozy yellow sweatshirt on clearance, which promptly got some added artwork as I pulled out the calligraphy ink that night. Waaa. And these Distance Shorts are becoming a quick favorite.

I wonder what other fun Oiselle gear I’ll spy next week at Bayside Runner’s spring 2014 show!

And I do absolutely love my Apera Bags yoga tote (at first glance), but I’m honestly hesitant to give it any sort of “review” here on the blog. It seems like evvveryone in the blogging world has been receiving bags from Apera for free to create buzz, and I completely understand that, but I’m not one of them.


On the other hand, I want to review things for YOU the reader, not for me to get a free bag. And it was difficult for me to find any reviews of the Yoga Tote specifically. So here are a few of my honest thoughts:

  • It’s a gorgeous style and material! Zippers and straps, all excellent construction. Awesome having a shoulder strap and handles, a water bottle pouch, a removable¬† bag for maybe a wet suit, a padded pocket for a tablet, a smooth pocket for jewelry… sooo many pockets!
  • The pearl isn’t really white – it’s more of a gray tone. And I love the red accents! The blues are currently 40% off on their site, but looked manly to me, and the pink seemed unbearable for my eyes (I own nothing pink).
  • From other blog photos and videos, the Performance Duffel looked gigantic, and my current gym bag is too big, so I opted to go a little smaller with the Yoga Tote. I don’t travel to/from work to the gym, so I don’t need as much space as others might. Nor will I carry as much as a triathlete. But I DO often struggle with my yoga mat, which slides perfectly into the uniquely designed straps of this bag.
  • As suspected, the sneaker pocket of the Yoga Tote is almost too small for two shoes. It’s good if you don’t zip the bag closed, or if your sneakers are fairly compact, so it’ll be totally fine for me.
  • Just an awesome side-note, but for every three bags purchased, Apera donates one bag to the Special Olympics!

So the way I’m looking at this bag, it’s going to exist almost as my purse/livelihood for the year of ACL recovery ahead. I’ve never been a total regular at the gym, but I have a lot of work to do in the months ahead. I’ll be filling this bag with swim goggles, cardio and strength gear and my yoga mat!

I’m excited to get into swimming! More on that in an upcoming post!

Lastly, I don’t mean any offense to those who receive free gear from running companies! I’m quite jealous actually! I think most of you aren’t “asking” for the gear, and I believe you’re being honest in your review. I happen to love marketing models that include reader giveaways alongside (Apera), or companies that fuel their buzz with an “ambassador” program. I’m an ambassador for EnergyBits, for instance, and I only benefit if 10 of you first benefit with my 30%-off code (CAPECODRUNNER).

So that’s retail therapy at it’s finest this week! No regrets, the arrivals of these goodies definitely lifted my spirits. And this coming weekend marks one-month post-op! Things are moving forward!

Did you make any fun purchases this month? Any fun treats to get you through these endless snowstorms and look forward to spring?

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