Shining Sea Bikeway

I’m free! I’m out running in the great outdoors again!

My ACL recovery plan puts me now at a 30-consecutive-minute run every other day. And it’s less important or even comfortable for me to depend on a “forgiving surface” like the treadmill (forgiving for those who can balance on those damn things). So this morning – in a beautiful post-rain fog – I hit the Shining Sea Bikeway along the coast in Falmouth!

I walked my 5 minute warm-up, ran for 30 minutes, and then a 5-minute cool-down. I even stopped to snap this action selfie, which I totally watched come into trend over the last six months while I was benched – you guys are AWESOME! I’m cracking myself up in this very first attempt…

The Shining Sea Bikeway is truly one of the prettiest stretches of beach, marsh, bog and quiet on Cape Cod. At 10.7 miles in one direction, I came here for a lot of my longer runs of 16-20 miles during last year’s marathon training. 

Do you have a favorite run that you could run – and only run – for the rest of your life? This just might be mine! It’s a half hour from my house, but always gorgeous.

Lots of races out there this weekend! I hope you’re enjoying an incredible running weekend of your own!

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