Setting Goals for Boston

Still doesn’t seem real! I am running the Boston Marathon this coming Monday!

training for the boston marathon

I hesitated on telling you at first, or how to tell you… because I have SO much respect for those who strive beyond their dreams and qualify for this race, or who commit to raising crazy amounts for a meaningful and deserving charity! I don’t feel “worthy”, but at the same time, it’s an opportunity that’s simply impossible to say no to! I still plan to try and qualify on my very own merit someday very soon – maybe this fall? Though I swear I’ll never train through winter again…

Anyway, I don’t think I’m alone when I look back on this winter and lower my expectations for how I’ll do in this race. I don’t know why, exactly, because I’ve gotten almost all the running in (except for vacation) – but more of it was treadmill and slow, slick shuffling than I’d have hoped. I recently wrote about getting my paces back after a few months of heart-rate training in November-January too, and that’s continued to feel really great over the last month!

What I’m most trying to avoid with Marathon #2, though, is a repeat of my GOLF game… See, once upon a time I got some clubs and joined my dad at the driving range and for a Father’s Day round of golf. I absolutely loved it, and I was pretty damn good at it too! As the next couple of years went on, however, I put too much thought into it and got worse and worse (granted, I wasn’t actually taking lessons or even golfing frequently). My mind took over, and took the fun out of it all.

I have so far run ONE marathon and it was a freakin’ BLAST! I chatted with runners, high-fived the kids, thanked all the volunteers, and never stopped running. Final time: 4:08. And in all seriousness, I could give a flying -um- seagull what my time is in Boston. I just don’t care. Part of me doesn’t want to run slower than the time of my first marathon, and part of me wants to aim for sub-4 hours. Part of me knows my city is going to push me harder than any other race I could do, and I think I might be okay with puking. Most of me is just excited to see 26.2 miles stretch out across so many of my friends, colleagues, run-buddies, paths I’ve walked with my dogs, roads I’ve driven to pick up my college roommate, pubs I’ve waited in line for, and Boylston Street where I commuted to work. What’s the hurry, right?

So I choose no goals for this one. I want to have another blast and celebrate Boston!

Will I see you at Boston this year? I can’t even believe I’ll be part of it, and that they even chose PURPLE – my favorite running color! Stay tuned for a couple more posts before Marathon Monday!


5 Comments on “Setting Goals for Boston

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  2. Have so much fun, Stacey! It would be awesome to run Boston someday because it would be like a homecoming. We lived in Watertown for three years, and I have so much of my history soaked into those miles. Enjoy every minute!

  3. You will do super fantastic! Run because you love to. Quiet the voices in your head and just enjoy it! I will be cheering for you from NY!!

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