Sailing Boston

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

It’s definitely a huge weekend around here on Cape Cod, but pretty much the unofficial start to summer everywhere! I had to “work” at least a little each day, but I love photographing people so that was fun too :-)

We enjoyed some major QT with Crystal and Joe, who departed today on their journey to Alaska for the next few years. We also had wonderful guests in town from Colorado – I’ve heard sooo much about Grant and Colleen, and was happy to finally get the chance to hang with them – both here on the beach and in the city!

To top it off, Colleen is a RUNNER – hooray for new runner friends! She’s run the Big Sur Marathon a total of five times now, and she may even come out to join for next May’s Vermont City Marathon, yay!

Colleen’s cousin works for Boston Sailing Center and was able to take us out for an evening cruise! This was so incredible to me, because I used to race J-22s in Boston Harbor for a few years. While I am still so lucky to spend lots of time on boats, these are mostly now powered boats (better for fishing)… but sailing is where it’s AT! Definitely where my heart is.

Cousins! A great group of new friends… love them!

Grant just moved out east for physician-assistant school and Colleen was here for a weekend visit, so we let them have their romantic time on the bow of the boat, tee hee!

A truly incredible weekend all around… I’m still smiling huge!

And to close it out, I saw my surgeon this morning for my 4-month appointment and no longer need to see her monthly from here on out! She said to go ahead and keep increasing my running, and to have a great summer! We’ll touch base and get fitted for a brace before ski season, but otherwise I’m out on the loose!

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