Running With Strangers

Becca reached out to me on Instagram on Friday… She said she was coming to the Cape for the weekend, and did I want a friend for a long run on Sunday? I didn’t know her, and sadly hadn’t even followed her back on Instagram yet. But if a stranger has the, um – what’s another word for ballz? – to write me out of the blue about going for a run together, I’m all in!making new running friends on instagram

I admit it: I’m a sucker for confidence. For decision-makers. For those who can all-out state what they want and go get it. So that makes Becca and her sister Kathryn my new best friends ;-)

We all grew up in Barnstable originally, and played the same sports – even though we weren’t in school at quite the same time. Becca‘s a regular PMC rider and ran both the Boston and New York City Marathons in 2014! Kathryn is ready to bust out her first half marathon in Hyannis in two weeks!

Thanks for an awesome 10-mile chit chat this morning, ladies! Now, the rest of you, go out and make a new friend this week!

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