Running this Winter

Do you love running in winter? I kinda love running in winter…

It’s been a few years since I was really running so regularly that I kept up my outdoor miles outside, but I do know I absolutely love bundling up in a hat and gloves for a bit of fresh air and Vitamin D in my running sneaks!

I’m thinking of getting some trail shoes for the winter, ones that I will dedicate just to winter running (roads or trails). Have you run in Yaktrax or ever studded your shoes for winter? Have you tried the more sleek and active snowshoes? Or are you just fine indoors on the treadmill?

Cape Cod sometimes gets a ton of snow, but it doesn’t stick around for long, so I’m going to start with the sneakers this year and see where it goes. I love nordic skiing, so that will be my #1 cross-training activity when it’s really dumpin’ – or when we’re frequently in Vermont.


*Cool* races for winter? I’m registered for the ones in bold, and considering the MV 20-Miler as well.

Don’t forget there’s a turkey trot/gobble gobble road race in almost any town on Thanksgiving morning! I’m sneaking out of the house for the Gobble Gobble Wobble at Stratton Mountain, VT!

Check out this Runner’s World resource for more tips on cold-weather running.

What are your favorite tips for winter? Tell me what cool races you’ve found to keep active in the off-season? Running gear I should add to my Christmas list?

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