Running the Vermont Snow

I woke up this morning – the morning after Thanksgiving – and got myself out the door for a 7 mile run at 7am in 10-degree temperatures. THAT, I am damn proud of!

But how could I pass up this beautiful loop of snow-covered dirt roads in Dorset Hollow in southern Vermont?!

It was cold, sure, and I only had capri pants packed with me – yikes! I looked down at my watch right around the time I felt warmed up, and it was a little more than a half a mile in.

I didn’t love every minute of this run. It was definitely hilly, and I worried our family was waking up back home in time to depart by 9:15am for a day of adventures. I knew that Lower Hollow Road came to a turning point where I would then head back on Upper Hollow Road, almost exactly at the mid point.

Should I just turn back here? How much farther should I go? Will I make it home in time? But I just climbed that hill and don’t want to do it again…

But I did it – I completed the gorgeous loop with a smile on my face!

I’m so happy I set my plan for this and did it. I barely gave myself a chance to change my mind. It was DAMN cold, and it was worth it! Frozen water bottle and all.

Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends! How cold have your runs been so far? Brrrrr……

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