Running the Charles River

I live about an hour from downtown Boston, but I lived there for 5 years and often return on a weekly basis. I never wanted to be one of those [many] people who never crosses the bridge off Cape Cod. I love being connected to a city and its energy, and so many of my great friends are there!

So when Carolyn was coming to town over the holiday break, I was psyched she reached out to us Ragnar Cape Cod teammates – me and Jess! We made plans to run and brunch together along the Charles River!

I’m still running a slow Maffetone heart-rate training plan, so these gals were great to run alongside me at around a 10:30-11 minute pace! It was actually pretty cool to see my heart rate lower while chatting, and of course running such a flat path ;-)

We had brunch/lunch at Life Alive in Central Square, Cambridge, and OH. MY. YUM. Incredible vegetarian selection.

I have such wonderful memories of our full Ragnar team coming together last May – runners from all over the country, representing the Oiselle brand of women’s clothing. It was definitely a weekend I will never forget, and I love continuing to meet up with these women (in Philly, NYC, Boston so far) and even receiving their holiday cards in the mail! Friends for life!

The internet is a beautiful thing sometimes! My hometown friends don’t even know what Instagram is (nevermind the Tweets), but I’ve met so many incredible new friends – including in person – in the meantime. Cheers to another year of growing friendships around the world!

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