Running the Cape Cod Canal

The past two days, I’ve been running the off-Cape side of the Cape Cod Canal – and it’s all black pavement!

Living on the Cape side, it hadn’t occurred to me to cross the bridge for a run. Why would it be any different? But reports from our side are that the path is still covered and icy – while the plows are hitting the other side more frequently than they’re even plowing the roads! WHUT?!

cape cod canal winter

So I wanted to let you all in on it… the Canal path is 7 miles in one direction, which means we can actually log some substantial training miles without looping around a neighborhood, sliding on our butts or stabbing our eyeballs out on the treadmill!

And there’s even some beautiful art along the way!

cape cod canal art

Personally, I parked down by the entrance to Scusset Beach in Sagamore. You can’t drive all the way in right now, so you will need to do a little out-and-back if you want to get all the way to the north end of the Canal. Click the map for your own PDF version!

cape cod canal mapOn Sunday, it was gray, snowing, and icebergs were passing me by (below right). In contrast, Monday was gorgeously sunny with a splashing current heading south (below left)!

cape cod canal running

So whether you’re looking for 14+ miles or anything less, get yer butt out there on the canal! I’m pretty sure I’ll see you out there! *high-five*

3 Comments on “Running the Cape Cod Canal

  1. I love running the Cape Cod Canal. I live in Worcester and visit relatives in Wareham quite frequently. I make it a point to do a canal run every time I go there. The only thing it lacks are hills, which may be a plus for some. There are markers on the road every .5 mile. In cold weather I like to go “out” into the wind and come back with the wind. In warm weather I like to go “out” into the wind and come back with the wind, so I’ll park either at the Railroad Bridge or the Herring Run depending on the wind. On nice days you can encounter a lot of walkers and bicyclists between the Railroad Bridge and the Bourne Bridge. I have run once between the Herring Run and Scusset Beach but I don’t find it as pleasant as between the Herring Run and the Bourne Bridge.Either way though it is a beautiful run.

    • I should have written “In cold weather, I like to go ‘out’ into the wind and come back with the wind; in warm weather I like to go out with the wind and come back into the wind.”

  2. Oh thank you for this! I need an outside run soooooo badly!! Tuesday afternoon here I come!!!

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