Running July

As July comes to a close, I’m looking back at what has been a crazy month! July always rocks here on the Cape, kicking off with my favorite holiday of the year and surely bringing excellent houseguests throughout the month!!

It’s understood that you’ll get homemade blueberry muffins if you wake up at our house, and it’s also kinda understood you should pack your sneakers! I think I successfully got each guest out for a run!

Our friend Sarah from Vermont! One husband and one dog lazing about back at the house…

My bestie-in-the-whole-wide-world, Heather, was here for a month from Arizona! (we ran, we didn’t just eat all the ice cream)

Our second-annual gathering of photographer girlfriends down from Boston for a Cape Cod beach day!

And while my bro-in-law’s family – currently here for a week – didn’t exactly get out to run with us, they did drop us off a few miles from the beach we met them at in Eastham!

All in all a SPECTACULAR July!

And I soaked it in even more because I knew I’d now have a wedding to photograph every single Saturday through almost November. I love my job a ton, but it is seasonal. My Saturdays will now take on a different kind of “fun” than the rest of you who are chillin’ with your feet up. But maybe, just maybe, my Mondays are better than your Mondays ;-)

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