Running for Real in 2013

I’m fairly new to the online running community this year, but it’s exciting to see so many year-end recaps and new-year goal posts across the blogosphere! I’m proud to be surrounded by such an active and inspiring group of people!

For me, I majorly upped my running only in August 2013. I ran some prior races this year, including a half marathon. I was lucky to run in places like Bermuda, Philadelphia, Martha’s Vineyard, Italy and Vermont! But I really wouldn’t have many numbers tallied in the way of stats like races, PRs and distance totals.


My 2013 was all about that August-to-October training cycle for my first-ever marathon. I fell hard-core in love with running… for the first time in my 20 years of running. I looooved training, even more than the marathon itself. I made some amazing new running friends! I started this running blog and Facebook page. And I figured out a few more proper things about sneakers and nutrition and more. I soaked in it, and I fell madly in love.

I made some Cape Cod Runner tech shirts! (with the help of the lovely Melissa from Yummy Fitness!)


The biggest realization for me was when my runs became longer than an hour. Simply running a few miles here and there always felt like a chore and a work-out. Something I had to do, something I had to fit in. But as soon as you know you’re heading out for one hour, two hours, or three hours – THAT becomes what you’re doing for the day. Like going for a hike. I’d pack my food, water, my attitude, and often an audiobook on my iPhone. It’s blissful and meditative to run that long!

Alongside that training, Marathon Sports moved in to my neighborhood and started a weekly run club (and so much more :-)). I joined in on Bayside Runner‘s pub runs. I am sooo grateful for those groups and constant motivation!


To close out there year, we started some awesome group trail runs around the Cape! Trails are a fun change of pace after a full fall on pavement, and while I fell to injury at the end of 2013 on the trails, I know these runs are too fun and beneficial to give up.

So there it is! 2013 will forever be my year of running, even if it was August before I realized it!

Did you start running this year? Or did your lifetime of running suddenly step up a huge notch this year like mine? Hope you’re closing out today with a bang!

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