Running for Charity

I’ve been browsing a lot of magazines these days. I wish I was better about this year-round, because there’s some really great stuff to digest in tiny column form as you flip the pages of things like Women’s Health, Runners World, SELF, Yankee Magazine

Runners World recently shared some popular phone apps that can help you run ALL your miles for charity, not just at races. And YOU can pick your charity! Here’s a look:


CharityBets: Runners can choose any nonprofit organization you want to compete for and a goal they want to reach in a race. You then share this goal via social media and invite others to wager on whether you’ll achieve it. If you’re successful, the money bet in your favor will go to your charity.

FitCause works with Nike+ products, enabling runners to earn NikeFuel and turn those earnings into charitable dollars that either go toward a personal fund-raising effort or for a larger charitable organization. Not just your daily run, but also your walk to the office, the steps you climb in your house, etc.

Run4Good: This is a Saucony-sponsored app that sets a monthly mileage goal for all users to collectively chase. The app tracks how many miles you contribute, as well as the number of miles the overal community runs toward a group goal. Saucony doubles its standard donation to youth running programs any month its users reach their goal.

Charity Miles: For every mile a runner covers, CharityMiles donates $.25 to one of more than 25 different charities. Runners pick which organization you want to support each time you head out the door, and when you finish, you’ll get an estimate on the impact you’ve made. This also works for cross-training ($.10 for every mile on the bike)!

Have you used any of these apps before? I might start running for pet adoption as soon as I’m able! What would you you run for?

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