Running Drills

In my 10th and 11th week post ACL surgery, I’ve been starting to incorporate some running and agility drills!

As a reminder, here are the details of the type of graft and surgery I chose.

I’m working on a bit of hopping (both legs and one leg), and various foot work with an agility ladder. Once I’m warmed up a bit, I’m able to “run” around the small indoor track at my gym / physical therapy clinic a couple of times!

My right leg does kinda feel like it’s running in a cloud right now. My knee is not quite adjusted to where it is in space – how it’s connected to the top and bottom halves of my leg. I’ve heard that goes away fairly quickly, particularly for a runner. Let’s hope so! I thought we were already good after 10 weeks of walking, stairs and balancing.

As I understand it, it’s usually around 12 weeks when I will “officially” (from the doctor) be cleared for running, and I just happen to have a check-up appointment on Marathon Monday morning! – the beginning of Week 13. And then I plan to head in to Boston for the marathon – the potential to be a great day all around!

CRAZY how the time has flown! I’d expected it to be slow and miserable, but it has been fast and almost tolerable!

Happy April to you! Are you enjoying some blooming flowers and sunshine on your runs? Are you getting ready to taper for a big spring marathon?

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