Running in Cotuit

Cotuit is the village next to ours. It’s a serene little spot, with very little activity, but lots of year-round residents. There’s one bar, a great town dock, and one little market. The residents are often out walking their dogs, biking or running. There’s no reason for a tourist to visit, other than maybe the local Cape Cod Baseball League team, the Kettleers

Cotuit is also one of my favorite spots to run! I usually enjoy the long, winding streets for my 6-10 milers, most often just leaving right from our home. I’m so excited to be back to those higher distances again, so I’ve been back out there for the last couple of weekends! 

My recent 7.5-miler brought me out to Oregon Beach… a place I admittedly haven’t seen in my adult years. We just haven’t driven that far down the road, since other beaches, docks and a friend’s boat are closer. But when I got there, and looked around at how beautiful it was…. I immediately busted out laughing!!

We used to party here in high school!! Yep, right here in the photo below, not even out on the beach itself, but the more woodsy part leading out to it? I don’t even know. I’ve never seen it in the daylight. HA! I just don’t remember us being exactly on the beach. What did we call this place? Something about a “cove”?

(For my mom’s sake when she reads this: I studied abroad in Austria for the partyingest, are-the-cops-coming year of high school, and thus only ever visited this spot with Heather and friends in our more respectable senior year age :-) Thank you for the opportunity to explore the world my junior year instead! No regrets.)

Anyway, getting up to 7.5 miles (and now 9.5 miles) meant that my pony tail worked its way into an outlandish tangle! I was quite proud! That surely means I’m running distance again!

It’s funny living back where I grew up… and this little run destination was a perfect reminder of that!

Do you live near where you grew up? Or do you head out for those old run routes when home for the holidays? Good stuff!

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