Running in the Berkshires

We wedding photographers are in the middle of our craziest time of year right now, so forgive my slow blog posting!

BUT, at the end of August, a group of us all got together at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, in the Berkshires region of MA! We’re all great friends in this New England industry, and sometimes it’s nice to take a break together… even if we unexpectedly had no cell reception or wifi! What happens when 6 photographers can’t Instagram for 3 days? We had at least a total of 8 Polaroid cameras snapping away the whole time! Ha!

Alex, Lara and Lara joined me for a run! 

I even busted out the Mizuno Ascends that I was last wearing in the ER at Cape Cod Hospital after tearing my ACL on a trail run last December… gulp. Dirt still in the treads.

It turned out that an out-and-back on our dirt road was exactly a mile. Since we were all varied in our paces, we quickly decided it would be most fun to keep running the road back and forth so we could still say hi to each other! I ran 4 miles.

This was [the back of] the beautiful little cottage we rented, found on!

I’ve loved finding new running friends over the last couple of years, but it’s even cooler to run with friends you’ve known a long time in other worlds! Is there anyone you’ve been running with recently, who you share other past – totally different – adventures with? Do share!

Have your travels been taking you to cool new running spots?

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