Runners Beside Me

One of the little ways I’ve taken to mentally getting through a long run is to think about the people in my life who may have actually started running because of me! Imagining them running alongside me, all together.

Of course, several of them are ex boyfriends and would hate each other ;-) But they’ve each gone on to run marathons, so that’s pretty cool!

A few more are girlfriends who started joining for pub runs or 5Ks at some point in our young lives, or maybe simply wanted to lose weight or exercise our dogs. One friend came along for a Turkey Trot, her first ever road race, and won for her age group!

It’s not a huge list, and I’m sure I was merely a facilitator, in the right place at the right time, but it’s still pretty cool!

[now-Ragnar] Cape Cod Relay 2011

I wish I could remember my first road race. Was it the Barnstable Village 5-miler? Was it my idea, or was it Carrie’s idea? I can only Google back as far as 2001, age 24, with an 8:57 pace.

Thankfully my mom has photographed my ENTIRE life and I plan to embark on a cozy day among old photo albums with her this winter, ha!

What was your first road race? I’m jealous if you know yours!

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