Runner Survey: Would You Rather?

Jesica from rUnladylike recently shared her Would You Rather? survey responses, with fun running questions on what your choice would be! I thought it would be fun to take these on too! What would your answers be?

1. Would you rather run a 5K or a marathon? I absolutely love the marathon distance, the training, the strategy, and the community of spending half a day together! 5Ks are a strategy of their own, but it takes longer to drive to them than to run them ;-)

2. Would you rather run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold? I love the cold and don’t mind the hills! My favorite is running with a winter hat and gloves on!

3. Would you rather get new running shoes or a new running outfit? A new outfit… I love my sneakers, but they’re a given. It’s way more fun to get a new outfit that’s awesomely unnecessary!

4. Would you rather run a marathon without headphones or a Garmin? I never run with headphones, and I’m sorry to say, but I kinda felt bad for people who were running my 2013 marathon with headphones in. The crowds and conversations with other runners were the best part!

5. Would you rather choose a race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag? I would choose a race for a great location, but not out of convenience or price, so I would have to say the swag? I love good swag. But does anyone really know the swag until the race? I know I’ve been disappointed in this before after thinking I knew what the swag was going to be.

6. Would you rather run a PR that results in an injury or finish strong and miss a PR? Who the heck do you think you’re talking to?? I’d rather never get injured again ever. And I didn’t even know what my PRs were until last fall, despite 20 years of running.

7. Would you rather do 100 squats or 100 push-ups? I would have said push-ups until tearing my ACL, and now it’s SQUATS for LIFE, my friends!

8. Would you rather run without socks or without a sports bra? This question makes me nervous because I know what question 11 is going to ask, eek! I have a pretty small chest, but I’d have to say no socks is the better option.

9. Would you rather run on a treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour? Blah, same difference. I’d head outside and hope for some hilarious people-watching or a floppy dog friend!

10. Would you rather run a Ragnar Relay or be part of a marathon relay team? I’ve done both a lot, and I love both! But I would have to say Ragnar (or any overnight relay), hands down. The laughter, bonding and incredible new friendships formed after two days in a van together are unbeatable!

11. Would you rather run naked or take a naked yoga class? Eeeeew. There just can not be a good answer to this. I think I’d rather run naked, because… yeah. That would not be a very happy happy-baby pose.

12. Would you rather come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st at the New York City Marathon? Maybe I don’t quite understand the question or the importance of the Olympics, but I’d go for winning the NYC Marathon 100%! To me, the Boston and NYC marathons are bigger international running events than the Olympics. No?

13. Would you rather give up running for 3 years to get a BQ (Boston Marathon qualifying time) or never BQ but run as much as you want? I won’t run Boston until I qualify, but that doesn’t mean I’d ever give up running in exchange for a BQ. I didn’t even realize a BQ was attainable for someone like me until running a marathon last year, but that didn’t stop me from loving running all those other years!

Do you agree or disagree with some of my responses? Which question is the toughest for you? Feel free to copy and answer on your own blog, and link back to say hi!

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