Runner Days in Europe

Welcome to another “Runner Days” post! Meet Sara who brings us a fun international perspective! Originally from Italy and studying now in England, Sara just completed her first marathon in France!

How it Started
I started running when I was 12 and all thanks to my mum! The onset of adolescence was making me chubbier and I whined all the time about diets, until, one day, my mum – who had started running a few months earlier – blurted out of exasperation: “Before you even think of a diet, why don’t you come and run with me?”

That Sunday, I went with her and my dad to a local, non-timed run across the streets of my home town. I remember feeling good after it and thinking I could be even good at it.


I kept running on Sunday mornings at local non-timed runs for the next three years while playing volleyball in the meantime. When I was 15, after a high school track meeting, my PE teacher convinced me to try and join the local track and field team. I did and that was the best decision ever! In the following four years I alternated middle distance track/cross country during the week and long distance road running with my mum on the weekends. I became great friends with the girls from the club and our friendships remain strong even when we are apart.

When I moved to university in England I ran with the university team in my first year, and now that I am attending second year I have joined a local running club, the Tyne Bridge Harriers. They are great, warm-hearted and welcoming and it’s like having an extended family.

Running Buddies
My running buddies over here, apart from the club, are my friends Mareike (who is now back in Germany), Suzie and Claudia. However, my star running buddy and the one I miss the most, is my mum – we have always run together at least once a week and almost everyday in the summer. During our runs we would chat lightly, talk about BMQ (big meaningful questions) and dream big for my future. During term time I miss those moments dearly.


First Marathon!
The race I am most proud of is my first marathon, the Marathon des Alpes Maritimes, which I completed in 3:49:51 only a few weeks ago! It felt amazing and I can’t wait for another one – I miss the sense of purpose I had while training for it.

Web Favs
I love looking at Running the World Facebook page and other runners’ blogs which inspire me to keep my own blog up and running!

You can connect with Sara on her blog, Green Tea & Running Shoes, or via Twitter and Instagram!

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