Runner Days With Sara

Welcome to another “Runner Days” post! Sara is a wonderful blogger living nearby in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We’ve found each other on across social media and Daily Mile, and I look forward to meeting her soon as we both take on the Vermont City Marathon for our second go at 26.2 in May!


I tried to become a runner in early 2009. I signed up for a 5K (that I didn’t even go to) and then later joined Team in Training to work toward a full marathon and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (a trip to China sidelined that plan)… I had the best intentions in becoming a runner but it didn’t really click until 2010. Friends posted on Facebook looking for people to join them at a 5K on Super Bowl Sunday. My husband (then boyfriend) and I decided to go for it and had about a month to get ready! Since then we discovered we really like running and have stuck together with many of a goals and I think that having someone close to me to train with has helped me come to love running and stick with it longer than I have in the past.

That first race was so much fun! I was hooked. I found that I could deal with the mundane weekly training runs if I had something fun to look forward to. 2014 will be my fifth year running the same race – actually the fourth, since 2011 was canceled due to too much snow in Boston. The race started off as a 5K/10K but now it is a 5 mile race with a 5K option where you can take a party bus back to the finish if you wish to stop at 3.1 miles. It is a great event! It is the Super Sunday 5 Mile organized by Run Against Cancer Events – and if you’re in the Boston area you should join me!


Since running my first 5K so many years ago, I have tackled many different distances all the way up to my first marathon this past October. My goal for 2014 is to improve my marathon time, because I was sick during my first and I know I can do better. I’ll be aiming for a time under 4 hours at the Vermont City Marathon in May :)

Connect with Sara on her blog at, on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks Sara!

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